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Guardians of the Galaxy

August 17, 2014

What seems to be an odd choice by Marvel Studios to follow up with their blockbuster “The Avengers” is proving to be a thrill ride. Marvel has tapped its long history and aree mining gems of stories that are continuing to be popular. While it would be nice to have tent pole titles like the “X-Men,” “Fantastic Four,” and “Spider-man” folded back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the success of the Marvel movies would not be possible without them.

It has given Marvel the means to take stories that many of us comic book fans grew up on and bring them to life. None of these movies were disappointing, as they breathe life to great characters.

For “Guardians of the Galaxy,” it expands the Marvel Universe to cover the world outside, where Thanos, the Chitauri, and other alienraces reside. It serves as a bridge to “The Avengers” and the ever growing continuity that the films share.

The film starts off with a young Peter Quill who witnesses the death of his mother due to cancer. His favorite belonging is a mixtape of his mother’s favorite music that she grew up with. Upon her passing, in anguish, he runs out of the hospital, and is suddenly kidnapped by aliens.

Over twenty years later, we find Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) grown up and now part of the organization that kidnapped him, The Ravagers. He is seekinng an orb as part of his treasure hunting day job. He finds the orb he was hired to retrieve in an ancient ruin of a city. He is nearly stopped by Ronan the Accusor’s men. Ronan (Lee Pace) is trying to track down this artifact for Thanos (an uncredited Josh Brolin) who is secretly collecting these artifacts for his purposes. He sends Gamora (Zoe Saldana) to retrieve the orb.

Quill, who is trying to sell the orb to his employer, is also hounded by his father figure Yondu (Michael Rooker) who have been ate each other’s throats for some time. The sale does not go well,m as Gamora tries to take the Orb, while Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) had followed him and plan on taking Quill as bounty, put on by Yondu.

The whole capture ends up in a fiasco, and they get sentenced by the Nova Corps to the Kyln prison. Here their paths cross with convicted killer Drax (Dave Bautisa) who wants to use Gamora as bait to strike back at Ronan the Accusor for the death of his family and homeworld.

The group finally hatch a plan to escape and retrieve the orb to be sold to another buyer- Tanelee Tivan the Collector. The daring escape takes the group to Knowhere, the remaining head of one of the Celestials, an ancient being of the universe, where the skull had become a mine and home to many thieves and pirates. Herre the Collector had taken refuge with his vast collection,

Here it was revealed what was in the orb that was so important. It was one of the Infinity Gems that had immense power, used in ancient times to destroy worlds.

Upon learning where the Infinity Gem was, no thanks to Drax, Ronan retrieves the stone and infuses its power into his hammer. He then sets off to destroy Xandar, having been their mortal enemy- he blames them for the destruction of his people.

Having lost to Ronan, Quill sets off with Rocket, Groot, Drax, Gamora, and the Ravagers to go and stop Ronan, setting aside their persoanl issues and to something for the greater good. He managrs to unite this band of misfits to go after Ronan and stop his plans.

This film taps into the parts where we only got some ideas from about life in other parts of the galaxy, which was hinted at by “Thor” and “The Avengers.” It gives us a “Star Wars”/”Flash Gordon” like adventures with relatively unknown characters that are anything but two dimensional. This harkens back a bit to those grand space operas with just the right amount of drama, camp, and pathos to drive the story along.

The characters have scarred backgrounds that drive the to what they are. They choose to rise above that and face their enemies. They still do this while keeping their rogue elements. There is a lot of room for characters to grow and be defined, with more villainy and adventures to come. This overall is an entertaining, action-packed romp that leaves us wanting more.