Who is Joe Adventure?

This blog is for those fans of Comic Books, Manga, Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, TV Shows, and movies with an action adventure theme. This is a natural extension of my own personal weekly blog page where I can focus on my favorite subjects.

Joe Adventure started off as a collection of comic book illustrations drawn by high school kids. Written and illustrated in a collaborative effort, these ‘jam sessions’ created some wild and crazy stories and art based on action adventure tales. It was an effort at creating a fun action anthology for others who like comic books. It did not sell very well and only 13 issues exist.

Many, many, years later, I have taken the name to become the home of my blog on my favorite things. Comic books, Manga, Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, TV shows, and Movies are the many subjects that I hope to cover. As with the original idea, they must stick to an action adventure theme. Fortunately, there is that element in many of the reviews posted on the different anime, movies, and comics.

Eventually I hope to repost the original art from the comics, as well as my own work on this page. There are many pages that need to be scanned and added to this blog. I may only post the best of them as time and space are limited.



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